When Adam Started with Stride Yorkshire, he was in a low point; struggling with his areas of his mental health such as OCD, anxiety and sense of identity. On top of this, Adam’s Autism was holding him back socially. This was effecting Adam’s family life, his happiness, his motivation and his relationships with other people. This was until Adam and his family found Stride, and had an initial meeting with Logan, the first thing they claimed to feel was a sense of relief as even during the initial meeting, Logan was able to provide Adam with some coping Strategies around his OCD.

When Independence Coaching started, Stride created a clear, structured plan which was referred to every week. Adam spent three hours per week with his independence coach, and had a great deal of discipline in engaging with the sessions, and working on the strategies outside of the sessions. There were definitely challenges and dips along the road, but after 6 months of support Adam has his OCD under control, he has made real, lasting friendships, and has a job as a Warehouse Operative for Cefco, Doncaster !

Adam had this to say: ‘‘I love the job, it’s methodical, I’m passionate about the logic involved when doing the job, as an individual with Autism, this is great! What’s even better is this is a career, I could be here for another 50 years and get promoted to. Before now, I was dealing with lots of blocks, I felt low on motivation, was struggling with mental health, struggling with my sense of identity. Stride helped me to overcome these things, so that I could finally get into a career I love. If you are really passionate and serious about moving forward in your life, come to Stride, they will motivate you and help you piece by piece to overcome the barriers in your life.’