When Brandon Started with Stride, he had little belief that mentoring would be good for him, and whether he even wanted to engage with the process.

Brandon felt frustrated at the system and other professionals he had worked with. Brandon felt that people never took the time to truly get to know him and how his mind works, as a result of his autism.

Brandon became quite isolated and worked on personal visual effects projects at home. Brandon’s dream was to always go to university, but with the limited qualifications he had, he had given up on his dream.

Against Brandon’s better judgement, he decided to give Stride a chance, and was mentored by the owner, Logan. Brandon realised that the support Stride offers is different, it is non-judgmental, and truly ‘person-centred’. Logan took the time to truly get to know Brandon, ignoring any previous information given, which was entirely the right thing to do in this case. Brandon felt that he was able to turn over a fresh page entirely and grew a great connection / rapport with Logan.

Logan built up trust with Brandon, who was eventually open about his dreams and goals. Logan set out to do everything he could to make university a realistic possibility.

Brandon is now enrolled onto an access to higher education course in computing, functional skills maths level two, and has his sights set on Teesside University to study Visual Effects (BA). In such a short space of time, University is now within reach.

Logan has worked with Brandon and the college he is going to, to ensure that Brandon has all the support needed and has the best environment for him to thrive.