Mel started with Stride for extra support at her work with Stride partners DICE enterprise. Mel is currently receiving coping strategies sessions with Ed and Job coaching support delivered by Michaela.

Mel has Autism and ADHD and was really struggling with her anxiety and organisation in the workplace. Mel often couldn’t use appropriate grounding tools when at work, and instead used her phone. Since starting with Stride, Mel has engaged really well with her coping strategy sessions and has trialled a variety of different strategies. Now Mel is able to remain on task using workplace appropriate tools and techniques. Mel has gone a step further and is now engaging in setting goals with Ed (Stride’s Occupational Therapist) for her well-being (healthy meal choices and routines) which all allow Mel to show up to work and help others as the best version of herself.

Mel has also engaged really well with her job coach, showing a mature and positive attitude towards constructive feedback. This has allowed Mel to progress in her role with Mel now planning and delivering group sessions independently.

Mel says that “DICE is a place where friends become family” and the support Mel receives has allowed Mel to help herself in order to keep helping others.