Shez came to Stride Yorkshire in August of 2023, struggling with lack of confidence due to issues with social life, employment, and independent daily living. Shez had been in a bad relationship leading to poor mental health, this in combination with his Autism and ADHD led to barriers in his personal and professional life.

Shez felt that he had never been supported in a way that works for him, and his mum called Logan feeling deflated, after trying to do the best for her son for many years.

Within a month, Stride helped Shez to get started in a kitchen job, where he built up his confidence with people and again. Shez received job coaching support, and coping strategies support, all contributing to him feeling more positive, and motivated. The coping strategies support were particularly helpful, as they helped him to not only identify and overcome barriers in the workplace, but also helped him to navigate his living situation, building a better relationship with support staff and communicating his needs more effectively.

Kitchen work was never Shez’s long term goal, but it was a start. After a length of time in this job, Logan decided to give Shez the chance to actually work for Stride Yorkshire, as a digital content creator. Shez was over the moon with this opportunity, and still works for Stride, whilst receiving all the support he needs every day he works.

Shez had the following to say:

‘‘As a long time client and now a new member of staff I can confidently say that the team at stride are amazing people and I’m happy to be a new member of the team myself, they have helped me so much in the past and can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to be brought on to further help people just like me.’’

Thank you Shez, it’s a pleasure to have you on the team, and be involved in your support!