Independence Coaching

‘Stride Yorkshire work with the mindset that our support is never designed to be forever. Whilst some clients want / need continuity of support, we aim to ensure that everybody that we work with is as independent as possible; possessing the tools needed to thrive, both personally and professionally’.

Strides approach to coaching is goal driven, utilising a non-judgemental, specialist approach to support that encapsulates years of tried and tested experience. Our growing multi-disciplinary team boasts coaches from backgrounds in Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Teaching, Employment and Fitness. We are a diverse team, attuned to meet the needs of all the clients we support.

What is Independence Coaching? In short, coaching is 1-1 support, that enables an individual to go from where they are in life, to where they want to / need to be. Clients will get to see their coach every week for a set number of hours, in their chosen location, to focus on their goals, in line with a bespoke support plan. Your coach will use their experience, education and backgrounds to help you work on the following areas:

  • Mental and physical health
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Social development
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Independent Travel
  • Understanding your condition
  • Coping strategies
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Daily living skills

And more, if we are the right people to support you with something that is not on this list, we will build it into your plan.

Our Process:

  1. Referral made – Contact us directly on +447530448222 or send an email to to discuss. Alternatively we will get in contact with you following completing our survey on the website.
  2. Funding gained – We will discuss options with you, the most common way this support is funded is through access to a ‘personal budget’ from your local authority (usually Doncaster City Council) which you may be entitled to.
  3. Assessment carried out – This is usually with your prospective coach, our initial assessment is concise and informative, usually proving to be a useful exercise for both you and your mentor
  4. Plan created – This is where we can amend your weekly hours based on exactly what support you require, this is very flexible and personal to you
  5. Weekly support delivered – At a time and location that suits your needs
  6. Our support – Including plans, goals and achievements is reviewed every 6 weeks between our OT and your Coach, this information is fed back to our Director who ensures any changes (if necessary) are made effectively. You will be involved with and informed of any changes made

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What has really stood out to me, compared to other support services is they genuinely care. It's not just a job. they're passionate about making a difference and didn't give up on me, even at low times, when I'd lost faith in myself. I will be forever grateful that stride became involved in my care and grateful to all stride workers, but especially Logan for the dedication and genuinely caring.


I was very sceptical about starting my work with Stride, I struggled to trust professionals after past experiences. I can’t begin to list the ways that Stride have helped me, I feel like my life is back on track, and I know that I have all the support needed to get me to where I need to go in life. University finally feels like it might be a realistic goal. I am so grateful for everything!


I have had the pleasure of working with Stride Yorkshire in my journey to becoming a more inclusive employer. I knew I wanted to give adults with Autism a chance at working but was worried about my ability to support them. I was fearful of saying the wrong things, how they may manage criticism etc. Stride placed two fantastic candidates in my workplace as admin assistants, and I felt supported through the entire process, the job coaching was amazing, they took the pressure off massively from an employer’s perspective. By the time the support from Stride had finished, our eyes had been opened to the hidden ABILITIES of adults with social and learning conditions, both candidates had their own strengths, and struggles (which we knew how to support). If you are considering becoming more inclusive, and giving somebody a chance that might otherwise be overlooked, I would urge you to get in contact with Stride!

Dot – Trador Print Ltd

I’ve been coming to Stride for the past couple of months and have been in the care of Logan. I’m autistic and since I left school, I’ve been lost, I don’t know what I want to do with myself, job wise and career wise, I failed in college I’ve been suffering with mental health including intrusive and obsessive thoughts brought upon by pure O, along with anxiety and depression and I didn’t have any friends after being rejected and bullied by peers time and time again. It’s been a struggle, but since I’ve been having my meetings with Logan weekly, he’s really helped me, I’m already seeing a difference, he is someone I can talk to about my mental health and help me in my recovery journey, he’s helping me come up with ideas for what kind of job I’d like and he’s introduced me to people I have common ground with and have developed friendships with. We’ve done a lot in a short time and we’ve only just begun, I feel like I’ve got a long way to go in my mental health recovery journey yet, but if anyone’s gonna get me there, it’s Logan.